I really appreciate you taking the time to explore my website, where you can read excerpts from my novels, screenplays, poetry, and other creative projects.

Unlike most writers whose inspiration comes from reading the work of other fiction writers, I find that I’m more inspired by music and musicians. In my opinion, there isn’t a more personal form of communication and creative expression than music. You’ll find that many of my characters are also heavily influenced by music, and as I’m writing I always imagine the film in my head and the music I want to use for every scene.

I like to put my characters in situations where they are forced to step outside of their comfort zones, push the envelope to achieve their dreams, and never say die when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles or overwhelming tragedy. I’m not interested in writing about characters who play it safe and limit themselves based on what society dictates, so you will see that I always try to challenge my characters at every twist and turn.

"Precious Lives" Published in A&U Magazine

Please check out A&U Magazine at http://aumag.org/wordpress/?s=Kathey+Norton&submit=
to view my single act screenplay "Precious Lives," which was published in the March 2012 edition, and is now available online as well.

Featured Poem of the Month

Fragile Pieces of Porcelain

I always thought beautiful girls had it easy.
Since they don’t have to struggle to get what they want.
They can stand still and wait for the world to come to them,
And never have a sad thought cross their minds.

I was so envious of their endless opportunities,
And effortless beauty and grace,
But when the make-up and designer clothes are stripped away,
You see the real person behind the seemingly flawless face.

The line between fantasy and reality is always blurred.
Maintaining a high-maintenance lifestyle is exhausting.
They know they can’t coast on their looks forever,
But there’s rarely a backup plan.

So don’t envy beautiful girls who seem to have it all.
The pretty little package is never what it seems.
Remove the ribbon carefully,
And you’ll find fragile pieces of porcelain very easy to break.